Mediation, Counselling and Co-Parenting Services

The Family Mediation Clinic offers mediation, counselling and co-parenting services to married, cohabiting and same-sex couples who have made a decision to go their separate ways. We also support grandparents and extended family members who have been affected by the breakdown in a relationship.

We can support you in coming to an agreement around child arrangements, property and finances and pet custody. We also offer specialist, unrivalled support in cases of high conflict separation and/or shared parenting disagreements.

We offer a unique, flexible and affordable online service offering evening and weekend appointments at no extra cost. We also offer face to face appointments in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.

Our mediators, counsellors and family practitioners are experienced, highly qualified professionals who are registered with The Family Mediation Council, Family Mediators Association, The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the High Conflict Institute.

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Family Mediation Services

The Family Mediation Clinic can help you find your own solutions following separation or divorce, without the need for court enforced decisions.

Wellbeing and Therapeutic Services

Going through a divorce or separation is so much more than a legal process. At the heart of the Family Mediation Clinic is a commitment to thinking about how divorce and separation affects our clients and their families.

Counselling & Coaching


Counselling can help you to come to terms with the difficulties that you may be facing now or have experienced in the past.


Mediation costs in the UK

Co-parenting Coaching

How would things be different if you knew how to effectively co-parent with your ex now to help your children flourish into the future?


Mediation Blogs

Take a look at our mediation blogs, written by our experts.

Pair of hands separating piles of coins into two unequal stacks

How much does a divorce cost?

Total divorce costs including solicitors fees range from £2,000 to £3,000 for a negotiated financial settlement. And £30,000 (plus VAT) or more for a financial application that goes all the way to a contested final court hearing.

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Woman sitting at desk in private roomusing her laptop for shuttle mediation

What is Shuttle Mediation?

Shuttle meetings are facilitated by two experienced mediators.
Prior to the session beginning both clients are assigned their private Zoom ‘ breakout room’
This ensures clients never have to see or hear their ex partner. This is often a huge relief for clients who believe that they will struggle to be in the same room or speak confidently in front of their ex partner.

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