About Us

At the Family Mediation Clinic, we understand how tough divorce or separation can be on the whole family. Our team of mediators, counsellors and co-parenting experts will support you to find a new way for your family, helping you to see your situation as part of a healing process rather than a traumatic, life-altering event.

About the Family Mediation Clinic

The Family Mediation Clinic is an independent Family Mediation and Counselling service based in Warwickshire.

We provide online and face to face family mediation, counselling and co-parenting support for separating and divorcing couples throughout the UK, enabling them to come to agreements around dividing property and finances and making the best arrangements for their children.

Our Approach

The Family Mediation clinic uses a therapeutic model of family mediation. Encouraging a kinder, more compassionate approach to separation and divorce which puts the emotional wellbeing of families at the heart of the process.

Co-parenting Experts: New Ways for Families®

The Family Mediation Clinic, is one of only two licensed providers in the UK to offer the New Ways for Families Programme®. This training and coaching programme for separated parents was developed by Bill Eddy of the High Conflict Institute in San Diego and is now being used by thousands of parents in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Following a successful pilot by Shared Parenting Scotland, we are excited to bring this transformative co-parenting approach to families across the UK.

Our team

Debbie Lakin wearing formal clothes

Debbie Lakin

Clinic Director

Debbie's Profile

"I have over 25 years' experience specialising in working with children and families in conflict. I qualified as a psychotherapist in 2013 and subsequently trained as a family mediator and New Ways for Families Practitioner ®

I decided to set up the Family Mediation Clinic after seeing first hand the emotional impact that separation and divorce has on children and families.

I wanted to create a therapeutic based family mediation service which I felt was missing in the UK. I'm passionate about working with families. Working as a family mediator and New Ways for Families Practitioner ® enables me to help couples in conflict, during one of the most traumatic and difficult periods in their lives. I use a transformative approach, allowing conflicted couples to learn to communicate in a new way, reducing conflict and finding creative solutions. I give you the support you need to show up and listen to each other, even when it is uncomfortable, painful, or the last thing you want to do”.

Debbie has a BSc (Hons) Degree in counselling and Psychotherapy, is registered with the Family Mediation Council and member of the Family Mediation Association and is a licensed New Ways for Families Practitioner ®

Angela Keenan - lead mediator and psychotherapist at the family mediation clinic

Angela Keenan

Lead Mediator and Psychotherapist

Angela's Profile

"I qualified as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist in 2013 and subsequently trained as a family mediator and New Ways for Families Practitioner ®.

I value the core principles of the Family Mediation Clinic and believe that the therapeutic approach we bring to mediation is unique. I have a wealth of experience working with clients from all different backgrounds and cultures who present with a wide range of issues. We will work together to set achievable goals which will enable you to move forward.

Alongside my work as a family mediator I also work in private practice, as well as being an associated psychotherapist for a number of employee assisted providers. I am able to work with both children and adults and have extensive experience of working within schools and with victims of domestic abuse."

Angela is a qualified Family Mediator, Psychotherapist and New Ways for Families Practitioner ®. Angela has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy & BSc in Psychology. Angela is a member of the Family Mediators Association and registered with The Family Mediation Council and BACP.

Counselling & Coaching

Adrian Murray


Adrian's Profile

"We all struggle with many things in our lives. No matter how low or out of control these issues make us feel, with the right support and relationship the positive personal growth within us all will fight through. What you can expect from me is that I will listen to your story in a non-judgemental way, so that we can build a therapeutic relationship together where you can feel safe, supported and able to explore the thoughts you want to share, and work towards becoming your best self.

I am an experienced counsellor working with both children and adults. Online or telephone sessions available. I am also able to offer in person and walk and talk sessions in the Warwickshire area."

Adrian has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Person Centred Counselling and the Psychotherapeutic Relationship and is registered with the BACP.

Counselling & Coaching

Lynsey Judge-Porter


Lynsey's Profile

"I am a qualified and experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist. I work with both adults and children. I offer a space where you can feel free to talk about challenges and issues affecting how you are coping with your life day to day. Counselling can help you to overcome these issues that are holding you back and help you to move forward towards a positive future.

As a qualified person centred therapist I will work with you to overcome issues that are often out of our control and that leave us feeling anxious and alone. In my work with children and young people I often use more creative approaches such as art or play.

It is hard to find support and the right person to talk to if you solely rely on family and friends. As a counsellor I offer you a safe environment where there is no judgement and no right or wrong way of dealing with your issues."

Lynsey is a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Lynsey has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy & is a member of the BACP.

Jenny Chapman


Jenny's Profile

"I am qualified to offer both adult and young people’s counselling and Psychotherapy, offering a safe and confidential environment where together we can discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Going through divorce or separation can be a very difficult time for both the adults and the children, bringing up a multitude of feelings to try and cope with, whether it is anger, guilt, bitterness, regret, rejection, loneliness, or even relief.

I am here to support you through the changes you are going through. Arranging an appointment with me could be your chance to have the space for you away from any conflict and demands in your life to be able to start putting you first."

Jenny is a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Jenny has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy & is a member of the BACP.

Counselling & Coaching

Aidan Acton

Customer services and Technical Support

Aidan's Profile

"‘I have over 6 years of experience of working in IT and customer services roles.

I manage the companies online portal and appointment system.

I am available to support both staff and clients with any technical issues they may be having with online documentation or zoom mediation sessions.

I am approachable and use non ‘techy’ language - I will make sure your online experience is as smooth as possible."