Wellbeing Hub

After seeing first hand the emotional impact separation and divorce has on individuals and families, we became passionate about finding new ways to help clients to navigate through the process.

To enable The Family Mediation Clinic to meet the needs of clients in a holistic way we have developed a wellbeing hub to provide our clients with support and a space for reflection whenever they need it. 

Counselling & Coaching

Separation and divorce are life-shattering events with so many painful emotions. Dealing with the grief and loss of a relationship, the anger, hurt, fear, etc. can make it difficult to make good decisions and for parents it can feel like it is impossible to co-parent.

Our team of experienced family consultants, co-parenting experts and counsellors will guide you and your family through the changes that you may face with psychological expertise, integrity and understanding.

Pre-Mediation coaching

Whatever the reason you may be choosing mediation or being required to go to mediation, do you know what to expect? Most people have never been to mediation before. Even if you know a little bit about the process, it can be scary and intimidating. 

What would it be like to walk into your mediation and know what to expect, feel confident and in control of your emotions, and have a plan and list of proposals? 

The Family Mediation Clinic conducts many mediations, and sees many successes, but there are some failures. Through our own research we have found that pre mediation coaching has a dramatic impact on the success rate of mediation, particularly in higher conflict relationships or when communication has completely broken down.

As a licensed provider for Bill Eddy’s New Ways for Families Pre-Mediation Coaching®️, the Family Mediation Clinic works with both parties to give them a better outcome in their mediation and relieve so much of the anxiety, and emotional overwhelm people feel in mediation.

It is offered to both parties individually and can be completed in one or two sessions.

Because we are so confident in it’s success we include pre-mediation coaching in all of our mediation packages.

Co-parenting Coaching

Putting children first when parents separate

So, what's the answer?

Well you could stay as you are, having good days and bad days, struggling along through the stress of bringing up the children, trying to do the best you can in a bad situation.

Or is it time to find another way to work together in partnership with your ex-partner and ensure your children not just survive but thrive in this new situation?

Imagine how different things will be if...

1. You help your children make sense of what is happening in their world and in the process they develop emotional resilience and learn that they can cope with challenges.

2. You provide the security and certainty they need to adapt to the changes ahead and flourish in the future.

3. Your stress levels reduce and you can focus on your needs as well as the children’s.

4. Conflict with your ex is removed so that you can effectively co-parent.

5. Both parents and extended families remain a positive factor in the children’s lives.


New Ways for Families Co-Parenting Coaching®

The Family Mediation Clinic is one of the first providers in the UK who offers this modern, highly effective coaching approach. For married or never-married parents. It is designed to help manage any separation or divorce case, but specifically to manage cases where there are concerns around, high conflict personalities, implacable hostility and/or parental alienation.

The New Ways for Families® method is a short-term structured coaching programme designed to reduce the impact of conflict on the children in potentially high-conflict separation and divorce cases. Working with each parent separately, we teach parents the skills they need to put their children first and to protect them as the family reorganises itself in new ways around positive behaviours after a separation or divorce.

Each coaching session allows parents to learn and practise one of four key conflict resolution skills, and teaches them to use these skills before big decisions are made. The four skills are:

  • Flexible thinking
  • Managed emotions
  • Moderate behaviours
  • Checking yourself

With these new skill sets and the help of trained professionals, parents are encouraged to work together outside of  court to arrive at their own parenting agreements. All the while maintaining their focus on positive future behaviours rather than on past negative behaviours. When parents are able to make positive and healthy parenting decisions for their children, it eliminates the possibility that a judge will make those decisions for them.

Our Anchor packages are designed for clients in complex or high conflict situations and include new ways for families co-parenting coaching and counselling.

Our New Ways For Families® Co-Parenting programme is included in our Anchor package or can be added to any of our other packages or as a stand alone option. 


Often in times of high stress and trauma, we don’t feel like ourselves, and it can be difficult to think straight when we are overwhelmed by emotion.

This is a natural response to abnormal events and where we are operating in a fight or flight mode. Whilst it may be a normal human response it can feel exhausting and unproductive.

Emotions such as rage, shame, humiliation, failure, rejection, and loss, are common with couples who are separating. All too often events in the present can touch on something very raw from our past and can raise sensitive issues from childhood.

Counselling can help you to come to terms with the difficulties that you may be facing now or have experienced in the past.  Our experienced therapists can support you as you navigate through your emotional journey, enabling you to make good long-term decisions.

When you start feeling better, you start thinking differently.