Grandparent Contact

Grandparents often feel conflicting emotions when their child is going through a separation. Relationship breakdown is a very emotional time for the whole family and can lead to difficult family disputes. But what happens when grandparents are stopped from seeing their grandchildren?

Family mediation is a way of resolving serious family disputes, where mediators help relatives to find their own solutions to their differences.

How does Grandparent Mediation work?

The mediator meets with both the grandparents and the parent/s, to discuss the issues they need to resolve to enable contact to take place. The mediator will then arrange a meeting of all the parties and help them work through the issues raised. The aim is to come to an agreement that suits everybody – especially the children.

Once an agreement has been reached, the mediator provides a summary outcome statement to help everyone stick to the agreements. This is not a legally binding agreement. A legally binding agreement can only be achieved if the grandparent  then applies to the court for a court order. 

Family mediation is a confidential and safe process well away from court. It can help reduce conflict between family members, and is often the best way to resume contact. And it almost always works out as a quicker and cheaper way to pursue contact issues than going to court.

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Grandparent Contact FAQs

I have been stopped from having any contact with my grandchildren. Can you help?

Yes. Family mediation is the preferred way to resolve contact disagreements within families.

What if my son/daughter or their ex partner refuses to attend mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process and we can’t force the other party to attend. However we will do our best to engage them, and will offer them a free introductory meeting to explain how meditation would be in the best interests of the children.

Do I have a legal right of contact with my grandchildren?

Not a particular right of contact as a grandparent, but you can go to court to seek contact just like anyone else who has an interest in the child.