Our approach to fees

Find out more about our fees below.

Pre-mediation costs

A lot of the work we do begins before mediation even starts. We will ask you to book an Introductory meeting (MIAM) to begin the process.


01. MIAM

The Mediator will see you individually online for a 45 minute confidential MIAM meeting which will cover procedural and regulatory matters, looking at the factual aspects of your case. Each participant is screened for safeguarding issues. 

At the end of the meeting, the mediator will tell you whether your case is suitable for mediation, and you can decide whether you want to proceed with mediation or explore another option for resolving issues.

02. Pre-Mediation meeting with Therapist (included in all packages)

If you decide to continue with mediation with us, you will then be invited for a separate hour long individual and confidential appointment with one of our therapists. They will talk with you about the more emotional aspects of your situation and the feelings which may impact on and affect the mediation process.

The Mediator and Therapist then meet together and make their recommendations for what support they feel is needed in your particular mediation. We think carefully about the most suitable arrangements for you.

At the outset you will be sent an illustration of costs from intake to conclusion. You are free to choose from any of our FIXED FEE packages or we can tailor a bespoke package for you.

*In some circumstances we may suggest that you take legal or financial advice from other professionals. Any additional costs outside our service are not included in our fees.