Mediation for Child Arrangements

Children are likely to feel distress when their parents’ divorce or separate but how will this affect them in the long-term? Research shows that unhappiness usually fades with time, and what you do and say now as parents can make all the difference to how your child copes in the long run.

How Mediation can help

Unless there are serious safeguarding issues going to court over child arrangements should be the last resort. Mediation enables you to parent together and to have conversations that focus upon the children and their future needs and happiness.

We offer child arrangements mediation in person and online, helping you reach a parental agreement wherever you’re based. We also are the only mediators in the uk that specialise in high conflict mediation and can work with families where there are suggestions of parental alienation.

The mediation process usually takes around four to six meetings depending upon the complexity of your family situation and if you also need to discuss property and finances.

Issues we can help with

As experts in family mediation we can help you and your children move forward with agreements for a range of issues that typically include:

We may also be able to help you with issues outside of these areas:

Our services are also appropriate for other adults involved in a childs life, for example grandparents, and we offer mediation for pet custody disputes.

Simply get in touch to see how our team of mediators and family experts can help.

Child Arrangements FAQs

The children live with my ex-partner, can they stop me from seeing them?

Your ex-partner cannot stop you from seeing your children unless, for whatever reason, it may cause a detrimental impact on your child’s welfare. If your ex-partner is attempting to prevent you from seeing your child, you may need to consider making an application to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order unless you can reach an agreement between you. It is always preferable for everyone concerned to reach an agreement outside of Court proceedings.

Do I have to attend mediation before I apply to court?

If you wish to make an application to the Court in relation to child arrangements, then you have to show that you have at least considered mediation by attending a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) unless certain exemption such as domestic violence apply.

Is 50/50 care of the children the best arrangement?

Each separating family is different and there is never a “one size fits all” solution for all families. Future arrangements for children need to be guided by a range of factors including the ages of the children, their schooling requirements, funds available to both parents to meet basic housing needs and the wishes and feelings of the children themselves. It’s important that children spend time with both parents where it is safe for them to do.